The purpose of counselling is to discover how to live more authentically who you already are. Trying to become someone else, being perfect, or living up to other people's expectations is what often makes us stuck in life.

My style of counselling focuses on supporting you in doing real changes that redirect your life to your true path.
We can all get stuck. For most of us, it is a big relief to discover that many meet the same challenges in life. When we dare to take charge of the things we experience as difficult, those same difficulties transform into manageable challenges.

By gently exploring what we found impossible to deal with, thought was unacceptable or felt unease around, we find mastering and new inner peace. Challenges we choose to deal with take less time and attention than we think, challenges we don't deal with last forever.

As a result of counselling, you will experience an increased sense of personal strength and integrity, more vitality and joy, more solid and nourishing relationships.


Chances are that we get stuck when we try to figure out everything by ourselves. At times it is essential to express our deepest thoughts to somebody who we can trust and who can listen with empathy. This helps us to see ourselves more clearly. New insights and solutions suddenly arises from within. Being received with empathy and understanding by another increases our sense of inner space, from which things appear more manageable.


The supportive and clear counselling environment assists you to see important life choices and their consequences more clearly. I do not do the work for you, I assist you in finding the solutions that are individually yours. By expressing yourself in a safe environment, your innate capacity for self-understanding and clarity will be awakened.

When we dare to take charge of the things we experience as difficult in our lives, difficulties transform into manageable challenges.

Sessions are offered in Oslo, Norway, and via Skype.
For individuals and couples.

Schedule an initial session of 75 minutes at 50% off, to see if my method and our personal chemistry is conducive for what you seek.