Situations we don't deal with last forever, situations we choose to deal with take less time and attention than we think.


  • Seeing your life and yourself from a higher perspective
  • Accessing clarity and peace
  • Uncovering latent resources, abilities and possibilities in yourself
  • Deeper and more true connection with yourself and others
  • Experiencing more meaning and fulfillment

Through the counselling dialogue you will gain real understanding of how to access your deeper truths and your spark for life. One step at a time, you will rediscover how bright and meaningful life becomes when you are more in tune with who you really are.

Counselling is right for you if you are facing challenges, i.e.:
A lack of meaning and direction. Difficult choices to make. Searching for something that is more right for you.

Sessions are offered via Skype and in Vancouver.

Schedule an initial complimentary session of 60 minutes, to see if my method and our personal chemistry is conducive for what you seek.